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Britney Spears Icon Challenge
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The 411: This community is for icon mkaers who love the beautiful Britney Spears. It was created by keuble who was later joined by famousicons. Each week a new challenge will be given: whether it be with pictures or lyrics, Britney is the word!

The Rules:

-1 entry per week (unles otherwise specified)

-Do NOT vote for yourself

-Use only the pictures provided (unless otherwise specified)

-Be Polite to other members and mods

-Submit entries as Image with the url

-Animation is allowed (unless otherwise specified)

-Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100 and under 40k)

-DO NOT put your icon up anywhere before the contest has ended.

Challenges: Challenges will be posted on Sunday with a Friday 12PM EST deadline. Voting will take place from Saturday until Sunday at 12PM EST. It is, however, a good idea to get your icon in early, as your time zone may be different to ours.

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Please upload to your own server.


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